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Cheryl Greene

Cheryl Greene

Cheryl Greene (known to many as MsGreene) left her executive position in the employment industry to Co-found the first physician web site (per the AMA) in 1995. has had over 83 million unique visitors seeking information about kids' health. Cheryl has been the Executive Producer since it's inception.


Cheryl used her talents in web creation as the Producer of the Princeton Class of 1981 web site. She was rewarded for her volunteer efforts by being officially named an honorary member of the Princeton Class of '81.


Her past accomplishments include Director of the 1990 pioneering virtual reality extravaganza, Cyberthon, referred to many as the one and only Nerdstock.


She was also one of the Co-founders of the Society for Participatory Medicine and served as the Volunteer Coordinator for SPM from 2008 to 2013.

Cheryl is a mother, a breast cancer survivor and a foodie. Cheryl is active in social media and can be found on Facebook and Twitter as MsGreene.


Blog Posts by Cheryl Greene

  • Eat Together

    Eat Together

    Tip #6: As families become busier and busier with kids rushing from school to sporting practices, to music lessons, to drama rehearsals and as parents stay later-and-later at work, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to share family meals. We are just as guilty of this as anyone, but we do make a huge effort to share […]

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  • Build Food Traditions Around Special Days

    Build Food Traditions Around Special Days

    Tip #4: Around our house, birthdays and holidays are really a big deal. For those days, we go all out on the food. We have created menus that we use year after year for special days.

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  • Keep Your Pantry Stocked

    Keep Your Pantry Stocked

    Tip #2 I have a list of staple items that I try to always keep on hand. From these items I have a few “fallback meals”. I know my family enjoys them, they’re quick and easy to make, and they’re nutritious. I use my “fallback meal” for those days when life just gets out of […]

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  • What’s For Dinner?

    What’s For Dinner?

    When I was in treatment for Stage III, High Risk, Inflammatory Breast Cancer, the amazing nurses from Mills-Peninsula Hospital Labor and Delivery brought us dinner … every night … for a full year … at least when one of Dr. Greene’s patients or my sister (the world’s best sister) wasn’t cooking for us. For a […]

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  • Eco-Friendly Baby

    Eco-Friendly Baby

    I pulled this ParentsTV video out of the vault of oldies, but goodies. In it, host Juli Auclare asks, “What parent doesn’t love making choices that are not only healthy for their kids, but safe for the environment, too?” That’s the premise of Dr. Greene’s book, Raising Baby Green.

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  • Strength in the face of breast cancer

    Breast Cancer — A Story of Survival

    A young mother recently called me. She had seen my story on the web and wanted to talk because she hadn’t been able to find another survivor of “her kind” of breast cancer. She needed to connect with someone who could hold out hope for survival. I am happy to say, that I am not […]

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