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Mindy Roberts

Mindy Roberts

Melinda Roberts is a pioneer in the blogging community, the O.G. mommy blogger! She founded The Mommy Blog in 2002 to capture fleeting family moments. She's a single mom to 3 children and worked in the nonprofit sector for 12 years before focusing on her writing. She's a key influence in the area of moms and the Internet. She flaunts her flaws and keeps her "real mom" quotient high. As a single parent, she's managed to found a design company and become a spokeswoman for the mommy blogging community.

Melinda is also a founding panelist on, has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN Prime Time,, ABC News Now, Fox and Friends, CBS, BYUTV, Johnson's Baby Channel,, and

She published a collection of essays from the blog in her book, Mommy Confidential: Adventures from the Wonderbelly of Motherhood.

She is doing more than journaling about motherhood – she’s meeting moms where they are with timely content and useful advice. Raised in Chicago, she lives with her family in the CA Bay Area and tries her very best to use her powers for good.


Blog Posts by Mindy Roberts

  • Mommy Real Estate

    Mommy Real Estate

    Do you remember, in The English Patient, when Almásy claimed the hollow of Katharine Clifton’s neck as his? I have never forgotten that. I think of it each time one of my children visits their own claimed topography. They each have a preference for a certain section of my body, whether breastfeeding, sleeping, or looking […]

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  • On Being Taken Seriously by your Doctor While Breastfeeding

    On Being Taken Seriously by your Doctor While Breastfeeding

    If there’s one thing I dislike about growing up the daughter of a world-renowned pathologist and public health expert, it’s not being taken seriously by my own doctors when I try to save them some work with the differential diagnosis when I show up sick in their offices. I know my symptoms, I’ve done the […]

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  • Breastfeeding: Like Giving Candy to a Baby?

    Breastfeeding: Like Giving Candy to a Baby?

    For mine, it was more like giving them crack. Wait, let me back up a bit. I love looking back through my online archives for small, unremembered nuggets of family life and recently came across one from 2004, when I was still nursing my children and feeling a bit defensive about what others might have […]

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  • In Which Mother Nature Throws Me a Breastfeeding Curveball

    In Which Mother Nature Throws Me a Breastfeeding Curveball

    I’d just come from visiting my friend and her ten-pound, twelve-ounce newborn. I had heard the story of her epic labor, the heroic effort this tiny, five-foot, two-inch Frenchwoman went through to bring this child forth, and I went to see that she was okay. Also? I needed a baby fix in the worst way. […]

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  • Mindy and Baby

    What Happens When You’re Ready to Breastfeed But Your Baby Can’t?

    In my 12.6 years of parenting, I have spent 8 of them breastfeeding my children. That’s 96 months, or 416 weeks, or 2,290 days. Two thousand two hundred ninety DAYS.

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