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Melissa Moog

Melissa Moog

A true pioneer in an emerging industry, Melissa Moog is one of America’s original baby planners as founder of Itsabelly, a national baby planning service guiding new and expectant parents through the process of parenthood. Soon after creating Itsabelly, Melissa continued to forge new frontiers by becoming founder and president of the International Baby Planner Association to support professional consultants by setting standards, offering professional development and providing a forum for networking to help other mom-preneurs get started with their own baby planning businesses. Melissa is also the leading authority and voice for baby planning with an eco-twist, as the co-author of Itsabelly’s Guide to Going Green with Baby and THE first baby planning business to secure Green America’s seal of approval. She also reviews baby products and shares parenting tips on her Itsabelly blog .

With enthusiasm and authority, Melissa offers her expertise on all-things baby from sifting through the maze of available products, designing an eco-friendly and personal nursery, offering parenting tips, helping with pregnancy planning to securing the perfect nanny for any family. Melissa has become a leading voice for baby planners and the maternity concierge industry as the baby planning expert for The Bump, a sister site to The Knot, providing the ultimate local guide to pregnant living, baby planning expert for, pregnancy planning expert for, featured mom blogger for, maternity concierge expert for Graco’s and the “New Mom Editor” for Portland’s BetterTV and More Good Day Oregon. Melissa is also the featured Baby Planner Expert for the Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association (JPMA). In addition, Melissa has caught the attention of media all over the country, including the Associated Press (AP), The Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, WeTV’s Platinum Babies,, San Jose Mercury News, View from the Bay, KGO, Pregnancy magazine, KIWI magazine, Baby Talk Magazine, AM Northwest, and, among others.

Prior to her Itsabelly success, Melissa was a human resources director for Kensington and holds a master’s degree in human resources/organizational development from the University of San Francisco. Melissa is a certified Child Passenger Seat Technician through Safe Kids Worldwide and has passed the Home Hazards Test via the International Association for Child Safety.

In her free time, Melissa lives out her mommyhood doing what she loves: cooking and traveling with her husband, daughter, twins and their two yellow labs. And when she’s lucky, she even enjoys quality time at the gym.


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