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Meg Collins

Meg Collins

Meg Collins is the Editor of, a website and newsletter subscription service dedicated to helping pregnant women survive birth, breastfeeding, and the first year of motherhood. She created Lucieslist in early 2010 after struggling to find a website with high-quality, unbiased recommendations for baby gear.

Meg was born and raised in Atlanta and has since been transplanted to San Francisco, where she lives with her 18-month old daughter, husband and dog. She has an engineering degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA from the University of Florida.

She is currently partnering with pediatrician Dr. Kathleen O’Connell Pope to publish The Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Prenatal Genetic Testing. Meg is also writing a book called The Quickstart Guide for Starting Solids. Both books will hit the electronic bookshelves by the end of 2011.

You can subscribe to her weekly pregnancy/infancy newsletter here. You can also find her on Twitter @Lucieslist, on Facebook or via email, [email protected]


Blog Posts by Meg Collins

  • It Takes a Village, but what if you don’t have one?

    It Takes a Village, but what if you don’t have one?

    We live in California with our 18-month old. Our closest family is 2,500 miles away in Atlanta. Thank god for Skype. I can summarize it in 2 words: It’s hard.

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  • sleep chart

    Put Your Baby on a Schedule? Yes

    “Put my baby on a schedule? You can’t be serious… like an Army cadet at boot camp?” Not exactly. I believe in a loose schedule of sorts. More like a structured routine. Why? Because, much like adults, babies thrive on predictability.

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  • Early Voluntary C-Sections are Bad

    Early Voluntary C-Sections are Bad

    In 2008, Intermountain Healthcare of Utah discovered that over a third of elective C-sections performed at their hospitals were done before 39 weeks of gestation. Of these “early-term” babies, those born at 38 weeks were twice as likely to have respiratory problems and FIVE times as likely at 37 weeks. Many ended up with an […]

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  • Is Circumcision Cosmetic Surgery?

    Is Circumcision Cosmetic Surgery?

    (Photo: Anti-circumcision protestors at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco) I was at a doctor’s appointment last week when I ran into a group of protestors outside the hospital – near the door to the maternity ward.

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  • Sexual Hang-ups about Breastfeeding

    Sexual Hang-ups about Breastfeeding

    Unless they’ve been living in a cave, women these days KNOW that breastfeeding is better for their babies. They just do. So why isn’t every new mom getting on the train to lactation station?

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