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Maureen Kilgore

Maureen Kilgore p>Maureen Kilgore is a mum with a passion for healthy living. She lives with her husband and two children in Belfast city Northern Ireland. Maureen is currently a "stay at home" mum looking after her kids full time and thoroughly enjoying it. She is originally from the South of Ireland but moved to Belfast to study at Queens University, eventually married and stayed in Belfast.

Maureen was always interested in Biology and Science at school and decided to study for a Bachelor of Agriculture at University. During her studies the agricultural industry in Europe was in turmoil with the BSE outbreak, views and opinions on how food should be produced and eaten were changing fast. With the European Union placing more and more emphasis on the conservation and the environment, the industry had to adjust fast and so did the students. There were virtually no jobs in the traditional graduate roles, the only options - post grad programs in environmental science or transfer to another discipline. Maureen chose to study for an MSC in Applied Environmental Management at Queens University. She was awarded a scholarship from the Shellfish Association of Great Britain and her MSC thesis was on aquaculture. After graduating she worked at the Centre for Marine Resources and Mariculture as a researcher in sustainable aquaculture with research being focused on developing alternative environmentally sustainable aquaculture businesses for Fishermen whose livelihoods were being affected by the fishing quotas that were being put in place by the EU to try and sustain and conserve fish stocks.

Maureen became more and more interested in Sustainability and started work with an NGO called Sustainable Northern Ireland as a community project officer and community facilitator with specific remit of working with Belfast Communities to develop local projects that would minimize waste and make the community more sustainable environmentally, socially and economically. The projects involved communities that were changing rapidly, becoming stronger, safer in the time of Peace and on a quest to develop a community vision, ownership and long term sustainability.

Maureen’s eldest son Ryan was born in 2004 and when he was 6 months old she returned to work part-time, when he was 18 months old she decided that she did not want to miss the important moments of his preschool years and took a career break. Her second son Adam was born in September 08 and is now 10 months old. She is still passionate about sustainability, sustainable healthy communities, healthy parenting and has a particular interest in organic food, chemical free food and the effect that diet has on the behavior of children.


Blog Posts by Maureen Kilgore

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, do you do it. I don’t know about you but the amount of waste we produce as a family is ridiculous. We can no longer fill the earth with our rubbish, waste that will take 1000s of years to biodegrade and damage our environment beyond repair.

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  • Chemicals in our Food

    Chemicals in our Food

    Chemicals in our food, I can’t believe it. We used to eat far too much processed food; by processed I mean anything that needs endless amounts of chemical flavorings, colorings and sweeteners to make it appealing to the palate. Honestly it is frightening, what is in our food, if you take the time to read […]

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  • Our Food, Where Does it Come From?

    Our Food, Where Does it Come From?

    Our food, where does it come from? The warehouse at the back of the Food chain store? Local food, sometimes it can be very hard to find so don’t feel bad.

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  • Sustainable Household

    Sustainable Household

    In my experience it isn’t easy to run a sustainable household or at least it’s not easy for us, we all waste energy, water (my kids love running water, taps, toilet flush anything!), use the car too much and buy food that has travelled thousands of miles, when we could eat fruit and vegetables that […]

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  • Green Parenting

    Green Parenting

    What is it? Certainly not growing your children under a cabbage at the bottom of the garden or living in a hole in the hillside with no electric or running water (I do admit this may be attractive to some, although I personally prefer a fully insulated house with four walls whether that be wood, […]

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