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Your guide in this series is Marti McGinnis. With a lifetime of conjuring up her own happy worlds Marti now makes available to you her methods for finding and creating your own creative dreamworlds!

A self-professed ‘color addict’ Marti began her art career in earnest after it appeared she wasn’t cut out for regular corporate life. Ok, she didn’t start that out typically either being that she went straight into the non-profit world, but still.

After a two year stint in the South Pacific making cartoon books about health issues for the Fijian Ministry of Health she came back to the states and embarked on a journey following the sun and selling her artwork in many forms in many venues both here in the states and abroad.

From a sellout show in a warehouse by a crumbling German mill enclave to an accordion music and locally grown champagne infused gallery in a small town in the L’Ardeche region of southern France Marti has reveled in the places and opportunities pursuing her passions has taken her.

Since her move to Kentucky she has really embraced the digital mode of disseminating her ideas and her drawing board practically caught on fire when she learned about print of demand book creating. She paints, felts and draws up a storm in a 200 year old log home surrounded by herds of unicorns. She also spends a whole lot of time trying to learn the language of "equus" or horse whispering. To help her in this quest she has Iota McHippus and Muon McHippus; both equines, a mini and an American Paint.

To connect with Marti's Creative Pursuits and that miniature horse who posts snark almost every day on his own Facebook page check out:

Marti's Online Art Shop
Marti's HapiLani Story as print book
HapiLani is also available from iTunes as downloadable full color digital book
Marti's Dog, JoJo McGinnis, is also an artist and has a book of his philosophies and art on Amazon.


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