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Marianna Papageorge

Marianna Papageorge

Marianna Papageorge is 18 years old and a current freshman at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. She graduated from Weston High School in Weston, Massachusetts in 2008 and therefore recently survived the college process. Marianna is planning on pursuing a pre-medical route of study with a possible major in biopsychology. She enjoys learning and being active and looks forward to doing these things during her years at Tufts. Thus far, she is in love with her new home in Medford and all that it has to offer. From her classes to her club rugby team, Marianna is enjoying college to its fullest and is grateful that everything worked out so well for her in the college process.


Blog Posts by Marianna Papageorge

  • What It All Comes Down To

    What It All Comes Down To

    Ah yes, the actual application. The good news: a lot of it is already done for you. The bad news: not all of it is done for you. Your transcript, as a cumulative process, is basically finished. Your recommendations, which you should ask teachers that know you best, but not necessarily that you received the […]

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  • Summer Fun

    Summer Fun

    Summers of lounging about and wasting time are far behind you now. Universities want to see time well spent in the summer. This could mean traveling, working, studying, volunteering, doing research- anything that can help you better understand who you are and what you want to do with your time and your life.

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  • Go One Step Further II: Standarized Tests & Extracurriculars

    Go One Step Further II: Standarized Tests & Extracurriculars

    Three dreaded letters that do not even stand for anything. Stand for nothing you say, then why is so much emphasis placed on them? The SATs (or ACTs if you prefer) are certainly one of life’s larger enigmas, but nonetheless significant. Granted, they are becoming less and less important with some colleges not even looking […]

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  • One Step Further I: Academics

    One Step Further I: Academics

    Although it is almost self-explanatory to say, being grade conscious is always very important. Universities are first and foremost educational institutions and they care about your abilities in the classroom. On that note, the classes that you do well in should be ones that you enjoy and that challenge you.

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  • Finally!


    College. One little word that has come to embody a whole new experience defined by independence, education, enjoyment and growth. One little word that has come to plague many high school students due to its seemingly daunting demands and application process.

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