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Maitland DeLand

Maitland DeLand

Maitland DeLand, M.D. is a radiation oncologist who has spent most of her thirty-year career working with women and children. She also single-handedly raised two children who have struggled with their own illnesses. Her unique experiences providing healthcare to children in both her professional and personal life, prompted Dr. DeLand to pen The Great Katie Kate series, which is aimed at kids and helps them learn more about the various illnesses they’re facing such as asthma, diabetes and cancer.

“Throughout my career as both a doctor and mother, I have learned that children have a natural curiosity and a resilience that often surprises adults,” Dr. DeLand says. “Children want and need clear explanations and straight answers to gain a sense of control over their own lives.”

“I’m a doctor but I’m also a single mother of two,” Dr. DeLand explains. “My kids have endured significant medical issues including epilepsy, diabetes and asthma. So I know, from a parent’s perspective, what it’s like watching your children go through these difficult situations.”

M. Maitland DeLand, M.D. is a radiation oncologist, specializing in the treatment of cancer in women and children. One of the leaders in her field and the president, CEO, and owner of OncoLogics, Inc., a group of clinical cancer practices throughout Louisiana, Dr. DeLand serves as chairman of the Health Education Authority of Louisiana and a member of the Professional Advisory Board. She has dedicated her career to helping her patients and their families lead balanced and rewarding lives. Website:

The Great Katie Kate series is available on, Barnes&, and through all major booksellers.


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