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Lynn Fang

Lynn Fang

Lynn Fang is an eco-conscious writer who dreams of a more harmonious and sustainable world. She writes about simple sustainable living, social change, and personal growth at her blog, Upcycled Love. Upcycled Love was recently featured on ProBlogger’s list of 40 Bloggers to Watch in 2011 for its exploration of social change.

Lynn is a thoughtful global citizen, aspiring urban farmer, biologist, writer, and graphic designer. She believes in the power of individuals to create real change, and pursues diverse connections to share her message. She enjoys writing, music, cooking, gardening, tinkering with DIY projects, and simply hanging out with friends in her free time.

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Blog Posts by Lynn Fang

  • Savoring the Simple Life: Slowing Down

    Savoring the Simple Life: Slowing Down

    Transitioning to a simple life can be a complicated affair. Every lifestyle habit needs scrutiny and adjustment. Slowing down your life’s pace is the best way to process and work through these changes.

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  • Complexity Is Not Chaos

    Complexity Is Not Chaos

    “In general usage, complexity tends to be used to characterize something with many parts in intricate arrangement.” ~ Wikipedia Simple living can be a complicated endeavor. Not the lifestyle itself, but the transition from consumer to simple creative brings up many personal and social issues. The good thing is, complexity does not equal chaos. Things […]

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  • Simplicity: Complicated

    Simplicity: Complicated

    The truth is, it isn’t really simple or straightforward to start living consciously after a lifetime of unconscious convenience. At that point, convenience is swimming somewhere in your blood.

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  • Simple Living Is Not Easy

    Simple Living Is Not Easy

    When you look at someone living a simple life, it really seems ‘easy’. Reading a book, engaging in thoughtful conversation, cooking fresh food, feeling grateful, and collecting meaningful experiences all seem pretty straightforward. Calling it ‘simple’ makes it seem even easier. But the reality is that personal transformation is hard work. True change doesn’t happen […]

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  • The Essence of Simplicity

    The Essence of Simplicity

    There’s a growing movement in our world today, something known as voluntary simplicity. The essence of simplicity is to make room for what you truly love. In a world where bigger is better, faster is cooler, and more money means more respect, what you truly love can often get lost in the shuffle.

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