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Leah Segedie

Leah Segedie

Leah Segedie, founder of the Mamavation community, food activist and social media consultant is a “100 lbs. Loser”. She uses her experience and "green" knowledge to lead the Mamavation community by teaching “digital moms” healthy living practices to combat disease in their home. Together, the women of Mamavation have lost over 3,500 lbs. Leah is also a very passionate food activist. She organizes trending twitter parties monthly to educate the public about the food supply and other issues impacting public health. And brands love to work with Leah because she has over 9,500 bloggers in the Bookieboo Network to create wellness related campaigns with.

Leah has been recognized for several feats in her professional and personal life such as being named “Mom of the Year” by Shape Magazine, being named the 4th most Influential Mommy Blogger by Cision Media, Top 10 Woman Changing School Nutrition, compared to Lady Gaga for her unique social media tactics in The Huffington Post, and Favorite Weight Loss Blog by Fitness Magazine.

Leah's story, communities and work have also been featured in the following publications: CNN, ABC, NBC, The O’Reiley factor, The Talk, Yahoo, Ladies Home Journal, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, The Huffington Post, Women’s Day, Fitness RX, etc. Leah has a Masters in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. She was also Commencement Speaker during her 2001 Graduation Ceremony at the University of Southern California when she received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication. She lives in Simi Valley with her husband and three young children.

For more from Leah:
Twitter: @bookieboo
email: bookieboo78(at)gmail(dot)com


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