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Leah Dillon

Leah Dillon

Leah Dillon is a new mom and wife passionate about Health, motherhood, and greening our world.

She is a blogger for HealthTap, an online health experience helping pregnant women and new moms make the best health-related decisions for themselves and their families.

HealthTap believes that the power to improve the health of all future generations lies in mothers making healthy choices and fostering healthy habits in their children.


Blog Posts by Leah Dillon

  • One New Mom’s Tips for Breastfeeding

    One New Mom’s Tips for Breastfeeding

    Two weeks after giving birth to my now five and a half month old son I sent an email to all my mommy-to-be friends titled The Inconvenient Truth. The purpose of my email was to tell them everything I wished I’d been told prior to giving birth

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