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Laura Gauld

Laura Gauld

Laura Gauld is the award-winning co-author of the book The Biggest Job We'll Ever Have and the Executive Director of Hyde Schools, whose unique character and leadership development program has been featured on 60 Minutes, the New York Times, PBS, and NPR.

Her three decades as an educator at Hyde Schools have provided her the opportunity to work with parents and their children who seek guidance and support for raising strong families of character.

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Blog Posts by Laura Gauld

  • The Cheating Crisis in our Schools

    The Cheating Crisis in our Schools

    Most American students cheat. In nationwide surveys on college campuses, about seven in ten students admitted to some cheating.  Three in five high school students admitted that they had cheated on an exam, and more than four in five admitted copying another student’s homework in the past 12 months.

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  • Measuring success in School – What is the True Indicator?

    Measuring success in School – What is the True Indicator?

    When trying to assess our children’s adjustment to and experience of school, we typically turn to the obvious indicators — grades, participation in extra-curricular activities, social involvement, moods — and these are all pertinent.

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  • Peer Support Can Prevent Bullying

    Peer Support Can Prevent Bullying

    For at least three different families whose lives were irreversibly changed by the suicides of their young sons, last April was a tragic month in this country that starkly illustrated the dangerous consequences of an act that goes on at our schools, in our homes, and on the internet: bullying.

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  • The College Waiting Game

    The College Waiting Game

    Parents can help their teenagers through the oftentimes stressful waiting game of college acceptance. How?  Here’s how parents can help their college-bound children understand that a rejection is not personal and not a judgment on their character or abilities.

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  • Understand your Job as Parent

    Understand your Job as Parent

    Adolescence is a time when kids can be off-track.  Moods swing in all directions, experimentation and rebellion against authority are commonplace, and kids are often misdirected, misguided, and believe they have all of the answers.

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