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Kristin Fitch

Kristin Fitch

As President/CEO of Ziggity Zoom LLC, Kristin Fitch is the co-creator of several successful web ventures., a website dedicated to all things mom-related, is fast becoming a destination for mothers interested in good nutrition, good parenting and health. is a fun and educational site for children and their parents. It is also a resource site for teachers and homeschool parents.

Kristin has authored many articles relating to family and child well-being for several publications, including Mommy Mastermind, and she has also published articles on Mommie 911 about some controversial health subjects, such as the need to test for Heavy Metals when there is concern of developmental delays. She is passionate about the health of the family and all issues pertaining to health and parenting. She has also authored many recipes for the sites.

Kristin’s background is in corporate management in the field of Publishing and Site Operations. Kristin worked for a regional news and community site owned by Landmark Communication, Inc for 8 years. Her Masters is in Humanities with an emphasis in writing and she is currently editor of both and She is the mother of three lively boys.


Blog Posts by Kristin Fitch

  • Teach Your kids the Spirit of Giving this Holiday Season

    Teach Your kids the Spirit of Giving this Holiday Season

    The hustle and bustle of the holidays is here. For many of us the frenzy has begun- decorating, shopping, wrapping, holiday and school parties, baking, and overly excited children.  It can make for a stressful time of year.  I love the holidays and everything that comes with it- the Christmas music, decorations, holiday treats, family […]

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  • From Gimme to Giving

    From Gimme to Giving

    Often as a parent we believe we are teaching our kids values that are important to us, yet we also want to give to our children.  I find that many times parents are shocked that their child had a break down at the store or temper tantrum about wanting a toy or goodie.  But what […]

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  • kids table

    Healthy Food

    Cheese puffs, chocolate cake, soda pop, and milkshakes- are these the things our little boys and girls are made of? Do you remember the original Willy Wonka Movie? There is a scene where the winners of the Golden Tickets enter the fantastic world of Willy Wonka’s Factory to find every imaginable and unimaginable candy creation.

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  • aquarium

    Childhood is a Magical Time

    Encourage Your Kids to Explore, Discover, Experiment and be Creative Do you remember what it feels like to sit on the ground and put your hands in the sand? Or how it feels when you swing as high as you can and look into the sky? How about what it feels like to imagine yourself […]

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  • hammock

    Monkey See, Monkey Do Principle of Parenting

    What are you teaching your kids? You may be shocked to realize much of your child’s behavior, whether appropriate or not, is connected to how you parent. Parenting is the toughest job you will ever have. What other job requires you to supervise, protect, teach, encourage, love, provide for, and use empathy, thoughtfulness, kindness, patience […]

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  • Get Your Kids Up and Moving

    Get Your Kids Up and Moving

    We all know about the importance of fitting exercise into our daily lives. However, millions of Americans still do not get exercise regularly. With the obesity epidemic all around us, it is time for every parent to take healthy steps to get or keep their kids eating healthy and moving their bodies.

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  • Finch Family Dinner

    Dinner Strategies

    Dinner time with kids can often be chaotic. I am a parent with 3 young children, a busy household, work and extracurricular activities, and I know it can be a challenge to get dinner on the table, make it healthy, keep my kids occupied and keep myself sane through dinner preparation, dinner time and cleaning […]

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