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Kristi Chester Vance

Kristi Chester Vance

Kristi Chester Vance is the director of communications for ForestEthics, an organization that is working to protect our environment and fight global warming by transforming the environmental practices of corporations.

Kristi joined ForestEthics in 2001, bringing her professional experience as a journalist, advertiser and graphic designer to the organization at a critical moment in its growth. Under her direction, ForestEthics has not only been featured in national publications ranging from Time magazine and The Wall Street Journal to the Today Show, but has also been featured in advertising textbooks for its creative and hard-hitting advertisements, as well as touted for its successful and innovative approach to hijacking corporate brands and identities.

In addition to her work at ForestEthics, Kristi is a co-founder of MOMS, an organization dedicated to stopping the chemical contamination of our children,  and a senior fellow in the Environmental Leadership Program.  She also cofounded Half-Full Communications, an award-winning design studio devoted to creating a louder, more powerful voice for environmental and social justice advocates.

Kristi has been working for social and environmental justice for more than 17 years through harnessing the power of art, design, media and advertising. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two young daughters.


Blog Posts by Kristi Chester Vance

  • Everyday Differences

    Everyday Differences

    Mothers make a difference everyday in shaping the future of our planet – from wiping noses to raising kids who care about the world they live in.

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  • What Do You Think?

    What Do You Think?

    I live in Bernal Heights in San Francisco, a neighborhood known as ‘maternal heights’ for its stroller rush hours and toddler-filled sidewalks. There is a listserv of more than 500 families in Bernal, with posting ranging from ‘Anyone pick up a pink stuffed bunny at Holly Park on Saturday?’ to ‘Please send suggestions for empowering […]

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  • Out of Control

    Out of Control

    There are 85,000 chemicals in use today in the U.S. Seven new ones are approved every day. Less than 10% have been tested for long-term effects on grown adults, let alone on the most vulnerable – developing children. The chemical industry is out of control. 

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  • MOMS – Making Our Milk Safe

    MOMS – Making Our Milk Safe

    During a week-long beach vacation marked more by flash flooding than sunblock, three friends and I sat together nursing our five infants, (Nico, Olivia, Stella, Hazel and Sam,) and sharing endless pints of ice cream and tales of new-mother fears and elations.

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  • What Is The Next Lead, or Arsenic or Thalidomide or DDT?

    What Is The Next Lead, or Arsenic or Thalidomide or DDT?

    When my daughter Stella celebrated her first birthday in the spring of 2005, we had her checked for lead, and her level was dangerously high.

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