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Kimberly Danek Pinkson

Kimberly Danek Pinkson

Kimberly Danek Pinkson is a mom to Corbin, an Aunti to Luke and Sebastion, and the Co-Founder of and EcoMom Alliance.

For more than twenty years, all of her work has been imbued with a sense of global interconnection and a commitment to health and wellness.

She went on her first Native American based Vision Quest at the age of thirteen, and through her work with indigenous elders, came to believe that by looking to the natural systems and our role within the web of life, we can find a way to live in a more balanced way on our Earth.

A Phi Kappa Phi honors scholar with a degree in Psychology and Dance from UCLA and the University of Hawaii, she has also completed studies at the Environmental Forum of Marin, and holds a certificate in Pilates Rehabilitation.

With a passion for bridge building, Kimberly co-founded two youth outreach dance companies using the power of music and dance to promote health and healing across a myriad of cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

She speaks regularly at mother’s groups and conferences, appears as a green living expert on media outlets from ABC to the TODAY Show, and loves cooking veggies from the garden, making up recipes with her son, going on adventures in nature, music festivals and eating organic ice cream.

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    The Magic of Trees All Season Long

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    On Being An EcoMom®

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    What pitfalls could others avoid? What advice would you give other moms who are considering starting their own businesses?

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    Got principles?

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    The Baby Is Born: Birthing An Idea to Fruition

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    Fine Line between Insanity and Vision

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