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Jon Lebkowsky

Jon Lebkowsky

Jon Lebkowsky writes about culture, technology, media, politics, and sustainability, and has been blogging since the late 1990s. An acknowledged authority on social media and online community, he also leads web development projects and consults with businesses and nonprofits on web strategy and social technology. He’s a principal at Social Web Strategies, a consulting partnership with David Armistead.


Blog Posts by Jon Lebkowsky

  • Community, Conversation, and Democracy

    Community, Conversation, and Democracy

    Yesterday I moderated a panel on building and planning online communities as part of the E-Marketing Summit  Austin. We were speaking to a large room filled with marketing professionals.

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  • Participatory Medicine and the Democratization of Knowledge

    Participatory Medicine and the Democratization of Knowledge

    Gilles Frydman at (where the Greenes and I also blog) has posted a consideration of the term participatory medicine and the evolving sense of its meaning. Gilles starts with his own definition:

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  • The Debate and the Conversation

    The Debate and the Conversation

    Will you be watching the presidential debate tonight? Alone, or with others? Many folks will be watching at public or private debate parties and gatherings, and many will be hanging out online via chat rooms or Twitter, or they’ll be live blogging.

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  • The New Media Landscape

    The New Media Landscape

    When we think about how we can improve public dialog and debate, we have to consider the future of media – that’s where the conversation’s happening, and what we call media has been changing radically over the last couple of decades.

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  • Getting Past Polarization

    Getting Past Polarization

    I feel most passionate about two things – one is the the Internet and the other is people and how they communicate, make connections, and form networks. My interest in people led me to the Internet:

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