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Jim Van Huysse

Jim Van Huysse

Lives in Berkeley, California. He is a brand new father (about as brand new as brand new can be), and has spent most of his time on the other side of the blog world — representing sustainability and healthy living web sites’ advertising at NaturalPath Media.

He is a firm believer in raising his little girl as naturally and sustainably as possible. To that end he and his wife, Janet are doing their best with cloth diapers (although it’s not easy!),Janet is breastfeeding (and Jim ismaking sure mama is eating nutritiously!), choosing natural products whenever possible, using hand-me-downs when they can, and being mindful of the choices they make as individuals, as a couple and as parents.

Jim says, "It took us a while to get pregnant, and now that our little girl is here we couldn’t be more grateful."


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  • Evelyn


    After resting Janet was ready to push. She was doing great, but during the process she threw up and the baby’s heart rate dropped dramatically. The midwife questioned the nurse and suddenly there was a whole lot more tension in the room (and my confidence was a little shaken).

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  • Even New Mothers-to-Be Know Best

    Even New Mothers-to-Be Know Best

    When the nurse came back in the room, this time accompanied by the midwife, we made it clear that Janet wanted something for the pain (AKA “take the edge off”). I felt a little helpless at this point, knowing that there was little I could do beyond offering words of support to help her get […]

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  • Birthing “Plan” Meets Reality

    Birthing “Plan” Meets Reality

    I had always joked to friends that Janet and I would take BART to get from our new home in Berkeley across the Bay to CPMC (the San Francisco hospital we scheduled to deliver at). And, despite having read “The Expectant Father’s” overview of how to deliver a baby in an emergency, it offered little […]

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  • 39 Weeks, 2 Days, and 1 Hour

    39 Weeks, 2 Days, and 1 Hour

    Fast forward to the big day…actually the day BEFORE the big day. I think the excitement over Obama’s victory left my immune system a little vulnerable, as the day after the election I found myself with a sore throat & fever, five days before the official due date.

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  • Adventures of a First Time Father

    Adventures of a First Time Father

    When Cheryl (some of you know her as MsGreene) first asked me to blog about my impressions of the birth of our first child I figured it would be a good chance to offer a dad’s perspective on this amazing experience.

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