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Jill Simonian

Jill Simonian

Jill Simonian is a Television Host, Reporter and Mom & Family Lifestyle Expert. As Founder/Blogger of the fresh and motivating online resource, Jill inspires women to keep life focused, fun and as close to fabulous as possible after having babies (with tons of funny fails) through her own personal tales of motherhood.

A mom to two girls (now 3 and 2 year olds), Jill's engaging personality and solid social media presence scored her the gig of being the go-to Mom/Consumer Expert for Hallmark Channel's "Home and Family" daytime show (2013-2014). She frequently appears on HLN, E!, KTLA-5's Morning News (Los Angeles) and HuffPostLive dishing about celebrity parents, sparking hot-topic debate and sharing personal tips and products about all-things babies, motherhood and parenting. Jill additionally contributed a piece about hidden germs in kid-friendly places on The Maury Show.

Jill regularly contributes blogs and videos to top online parenting sites (Right Start, Momversation, Modern Mom), has been a 'spokesmom' for branded digital campaigns (Target, T-Mobile, Lance Snacks, Bel Brands) and co-hosted MSN's video series Her Say (2011) alongside the mother of all mom-bloggers, Soleil Moon Frye.

Prior to having children, Jill racked up hundreds of celebrity interviews and hosted a multitude of lifestyle and entertainment news programs airing on HLN/CNN ("Showbiz Tonight"), KTLA-5 ("Sneaks" and KTLA's "Morning News"), Travel Channel ("America's Worst Driver"), ReelzChannel ("Dailies", "The Big Tease") and more.

Jill is a specially-selected member of Children's Hospital Los Angeles' Digital Philanthropic Committee and is truly having a blast keeping life 'fabulous' with her husband and their two wildly opinionated toddlers.

Twitter: @JillSimonian
Facebook: Jill.Simonian
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