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Jennifer Fink

Jennifer Fink

Jennifer L.W. Fink is a freelance writer, Registered Nurse and homeschool Mom of four boys, ages 11, 8, 5 and 3. Her blog, Blogging ‘Bout Boys, is all about boys – raising them, educating them and learning with them.


Blog Posts by Jennifer Fink

  • Another Thing to Consider...

    Another Thing to Consider…

    … when naming your sons. A new study has found that boys with unpopular names are more likely commit crimes than boys with popular names.

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  • I Hate Reading

    I Hate Reading

    Ok, well I don’t hate reading; I happen to LOVE it!  Reading, in fact, is one of my all-time favorite past times.  But far too many boys hate reading.

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  • Games


    Playing games is a big part of our homeschool.  Our latest fascination is Qwirkle, a match-the-colors-and/or-shapes game that involves more than a little Scrabble-like strategy.  It’s the perfect game for a multi-aged household:  younger kids can enjoy simply handling and sorting the colored blocks (while learning their shapes and colors), while older children and adults […]

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  • climbing walls

    Climbing Walls

    Here in Wisconsin, we’re waking up to below 0 weather.  -2 degrees Farenheit, to be exact.  Add in wind chill, and it feels more like -13.  If we’re lucky, it might get all the way to 12 today. Weather like this is not exactly conducive to outdoor play.  And when boys have been cooped up […]

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  • Fight!


    My boys (ages 3,5, 8 and 11) fight constantly.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this excerpt from my article in the January – February issue of Home Education Magazine:

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