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Erin Schrode

Erin Schrode

Erin Schrode is a young ecoRenaissance woman. As the “face of the new green generation,” the spokeswoman and founding member of the national Turning Green campaign promotes global sustainability, environmental education, and conscious lifestyle choices.

A “sustainability prodigy,” Erin shares her knowledge as an eco expert on television and the radio, in numerous books, newspapers, magazines, websites, speeches, podcasts, and her own blog and twitter feed. This “incredible synthesizer and orator” hosts events, shows, conferences, summits, and videos to raise public awareness about environmental and social responsibility for individuals, schools, and communities. “A nationally recognized speaker and leader among next generation social entrepreneurs,”

Erin has testified as a lead witness before the California congress, helped to launch a line of green skin and body care, the Teens Turning Green Collection with Whole Foods Market nationwide, and collaborated with designers on eco-fashion. "One of the leading young green movers in this country," Erin served as United States’ delegate at the inaugural One Young World Summit in London, was honored with the 2009 Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Award for outstanding leadership in community service and commitment to improving the world, elected to the United Nations 18th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (UN CSD-18), named one of JVibe’s 18 Under 18 extraordinary teenagers, given the Natural Products Innovator Award, and chosen as a Green My Parents champion.

Erin worked in disaster relief at the leading acute care field hospital in Port-au-Prince after the earthquake and just returned from Haiti on a trip for The Schoolbag, a youth education project she has founded.

Having visited over thirty countries, Erin has developed a keen global perspective and completed her first year studying Cross-Cultural Diplomacy as a DEANS Scholar at New York University and will study in Ghana, Africa this fall. Erin hopes to inspire her peers to take action and make the world a more sustainable and just place for future generations.

You can find more from Erin at:
twitter - @teensturngreen


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