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Donna Mac

Donna Mac

Donna Mac is the author of Toddlers & ADHD: Relief for Parents, A Guide for Clinicians and Teachers . She has a background in early childhood developmental psychology and has worked professionally with ADHD for 15 years, as a teacher working with early childhood students, as a nature-based summer camp director, and currently as a licensed clinical therapist in a therapeutic day school.

Donna is not just some teacher or some therapist offering advice. Even more important, she is also a mom of identical twin toddler girls with ADHD. With Donna, academia meets personal experience, so she’s well qualified to offer hope and provide relief; she lives the life every day and can empathize with parents, while also offering insight to fellow clinicians and teachers.

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  • Toddler with a stick getting ready to hit something

    Behavior Modification and ADHD

    What Behaviors to Change Children with ADHD will use many undesirable behaviors throughout the day. It’s best to start working on eliminating one behavior at a time, rather than all at once. Unsafe behaviors should be addressed first, before other behaviors such as not following directions, whining, etc. Safety-Breaks A safety-break is essentially a “time-out.” […]

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  • Is the Toddler Displaying Normal

    Is My Toddler Displaying Normal Temperament, ADHD, or Another Mental Health Condition?

    Normal (Neurotypical) Toddlers The most common misdiagnosis of ADHD is actually due to normal temperament.  At times, all toddlers will demonstrate behaviors associated with ADHD- irritability, aggression, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention. For example, a two-year-old child should only be able to hold attention to an activity for three to six minutes- not fifteen! A three-year-old […]

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  • Treatment Options for Toddlers with ADHD

    Treatment Options for Toddlers with ADHD

    Early Intervention Services The Department of Human Services (at the local county health department) has a division entitled Early Intervention Services. They Early Intervention (EI) staff can help children with a variety of different needs from birth through the day before their third birthday. So, if a one or two-year-old is struggling with social-emotional deficits, […]

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  • Six-Warning-Signs-of-ADHD-in-Toddlers

    Six Warning Signs of ADHD in Toddlers

    Have you ever wondered if your toddler was more active than normal? Here are six signs of ADHD in toddlers that you can use when discussing the possibility with your child’s pediatrician. 1. Using Dangerous Behavior Toddlers with ADHD actually have less stimulation in their brains, and therefore, they need more stimulation to get their […]

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  • Toddlers and ADHD

    Can Toddlers Actually be Diagnosed with ADHD?

    Age of ADHD Onset The latest research shows that the age of onset for ADHD can be up through age twelve. However, the genes for ADHD are usually activated prior to four years old, and it can actually be as early as infancy. Because of the nature of toddlers, around half of parents would claim […]

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