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Don and Debra MacMannis

Don and Debra MacMannis

Don and Debra are a team both at home and at the office. Husband and wife for thirty years, they have simultaneously served as directors of the Family Therapy Institute of Santa Barbara, a nonprofit organization. In this capacity they oversee the clinical work of fourteen therapists providing help to hundreds of clients each year. They are authors or coauthors of numerous articles on parenting and clinical issues. In 2009, Don won the title of “Best Family Therapist” in a poll taken by In 2010, Debra was honored with an Award for Service to the Community by local therapists and the mayor of Santa Barbara “for thirty years of inspiration, leadership, and training provided to thousands of clinicians, and the devotion exemplified in consistent visionary work for the community.”

They are co-authors of a self-help book, How's Your Family Really Doing?: 10 Keys to a Happy Loving Family, for parents, for couples, and for anyone else who wants to make their family stronger. In addition to the blog, Parenting Tips, on PsychCentral, they have their own blog, which can be followed at

Don has a bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth, a master’s in school-child psychology from University of Virginia, and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from California School of Professional Psychology. Also a musician, he was songwriter and music director for the animated PBS hit, Jay Jay the Jet Plane. His public education efforts have culminated in the writing and production of Kids EPs, an 8 album series of songs and activities that help young children with character and social and emotional learning. Don’s music has won over ten major awards.

Debra received her undergraduate degree in psychology with distinction from Stanford University and her master’s in social welfare from University of California at Berkeley with a specialty in family therapy and community mental health. Prior to founding the Institute in 1979, she was the executive director of Social Advocates for Youth in the San Francisco Bay Area, working with runaway teens and children at risk. She has taught marriage and family therapy at Antioch University, Pacifica Graduate Institute, numerous local agencies, schools, and mental health facilities. She finds respite from her busy life through painting, hiking, and being with her much loved dog, Shammy.

Don and Debra have lived in Santa Barbara, California for over thirty years where they raised and successfully launched two sons. They share a love of games, music, movies, biking, hiking, travel, and art.

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