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Deborah Bryan

Deborah Bryan

Deborah Bryan grew up in poverty, dreaming of great things but disbelieving that any of those things would actually happen.

Since then, she has accomplished a number of things. Some might seem smaller or larger to others, but they are all pretty grand to her in light of how little she expected for herself.

From researching killer whales in British Columbia as a teen to volunteering as a tutor in law school to running a couple of marathons and one barefoot half marathon, she carries some pretty remarkable memories close to heart. Her life day to day now doesn't include quite so many extracurriculars, but she is content within it.

She spends most her time these days negotiating and administering software contracts, commuting and chasing after her four-year-old son. The latter she does very slowly right now seeing as she is nearly six months into her second pregnancy.

Once in a while she sits down to write. Most of her words are funneled toward her blog, but she anticipates returning to other writing projects any month now. She has published one Young Adult novel, The Monster's Daughter, and written another novel in full, though she's currently much more interested in watching Castle and Modern Family than editing. Various other writing projects remain half completed and disconsolate on her hard drive, but she has every intention of revisiting those someday as well.

Her other published works include two collections of letters from her days living abroad, One Time, One Thing and A Season in Korea. Some of her most popular blogs are collected in the ebook Memos from Your Closet Monster.

The best place to find her is on her blog, The Monster in Your Closet. She doesn't recommend trying to find her offline without prior arrangement; her judo skills are rusty, but she's not afraid to try using them!

No matter where she is it what she appears to be doing, she is always giving thanks: for her body, for the gifts of motherhood and family, and for the chance to be here in this confusing and beautiful world, if only for a little while.

For more from Deborah Bryan:
Blog: The Monster in Your Closet
Twitter: @deb_bryan
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