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Danika Carter

Danika Carter

Danika Carter is the mother of 5 year old Jade and step mother to 22 year old Richard.

She is the Eco-Beauty Editor for and a freelance writer covering eco-beauty, sustainable and nontoxic living, ingredient detective, greenwashing, pinkwashing, natural and holistic health, real food and more! Her writing has been featured on,, and She is the owner of an organic skincare & wellness business which provides education on the cosmetics and personal care industry, organic & nontoxic living, and implementing sustainability into your home and/or office. It features Miessence Certified Organic personal care, home cleaning and nutritional products.

Danika’s goal is to help families make informed decisions about the products they bring into their home. She is dedicated to educating families about toxic synthetic chemicals in personal care products, cleaning products, food and household items and has zero tolerance for companies that knowingly greenwash.

Prior to her life as mom and nontoxic warrior she studied International Relations at San Francisco State University and Drake University. Her first understanding of how purchases can affect the world around her came during her internship at TransFairUSA, the Fair Trade certifying organization. After leaving college she worked full-time by day and was an activist by night, where she chaired the Solano Peace and Justice Coalition in the San Francisco Bay Area and was an active member of the Bay Area Chapter of CODEPink Women for Peace. Due to her environmental activism and advocacy for sustainability and LEED Certification she was appointed to Vice-Chair a City Council committee in her hometown of Benicia, CA that was charged with reviewing a proposal for a new police station.

Before moving to Colorado she worked as the 1st statewide Campaign Coordinator for the Green Party of California. Danika has 15 years experience in environmental, fair trade, social justice and peace activism during which time she has attempted to live as sustainably as possible. Additionally she has more than 10 years experience producing progressive, corporate and ecological events, meetings and festivals including green events.

You can find Danika online at On Twitter at and on Facebook at


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    Men need to avoid toxic chemicals in their Personal Care to protect themselves and their children

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    Teaching your Children to Make Good Food Choices

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  • The Importance of Reading Ingredients Labels on Children’s Medicines

    The Importance of Reading Ingredients Labels on Children’s Medicines

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  • Teaching Children to Honor the Earth

    Teaching Children to Honor the Earth

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    How My 4yo Showed Me What Real Equality Is

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  • When You Know Better You Do Better

    When You Know Better You Do Better

    I often think about what Dr. Greene says in his White Out campaign.  Educating and/or learning about toxic chemicals (or unhealthy food)  is not about placing guilt on parents, or on myself for the choices made.  It’s not about perfection or some litmus test for being a good parent or a green parent or anything […]

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