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Casey Hinds

Casey Hinds

Casey Hinds is a pilot and the mother of two daughters ages 10 and 12.   She works to create a healthier food environment for kids and instill a love of physical activity.

Casey has been recognized for her efforts by the American Heart Association with a Distinguished Achievement Award and serves as an Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program Ambassador.

For more from Casey:
Website: US Healthy Kids (Formerly KY Healthy Kids) –
Twitter: @caseyhinds
Video: Better Bites | Well Fed: Nourishing Our Children for a Lifetime | KET Video and Champions for Children’s Health | KET Video


Blog Posts by Casey Hinds

  • Semi-truck with large Coca-Cola billboard painted on the side with school children in front.

    Back to School Sticky Situation #4: Schools as Ads for Junk Food

      What will you do when your child’s school is used by fast food and soda companies for marketing to students?  Knowing how junk food marketing shapes kids’ preferences, I have worked to limit my children’s exposure to advertising but have been surprised to see so much of it in schools. Marketers take advantage of […]

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  • Three boxes of Girl Scout Cookies

    Back to School Sticky Situation #3: Junk Food Fundraisers

      What will you do if the PTA asks you to support a cookie dough fundraiser?  Will you send your child out to hit up family and friends to buy junk food in communities already suffering from diet-related disease?  Are unhealthy foods magically transformed when they are sold for a good cause? These are some […]

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  • Large plastic bottles of red punch.

    Back to School Sticky Situation #2: Class Party Sugar Overload

      What will you do if you’re asked to bring sugary drinks to a class party already overloaded with cake, cookies and candy?  This is another sticky situation I’ve encountered and had to decide between sticking up for kids’ health or just going with the flow.  Knowing the research about how sugary drinks are connected […]

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  • Single package of Smarties Candy sitting on an empty school desk.

    Back to School Sticky Situation #1: Candy Rewards at School

      What will you do if your child comes home and tells you her teacher is using candy as a reward?  This was one of the first sticky situations I encountered when my oldest started school.  With a family history of diabetes it was important to teach her healthy habits from a young age to […]

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  • School class-photo with the kids horsing around.

    Solutions for Sticky Back to School Situations

      Hard to believe it’s time for another back to school post.  Last year I wrote about my top five tips for a healthy start to the school year. I recommended parents: 1)     Get familiar with the school and district wellness policies 2)    Shift away from using food as a reward and taking away physical […]

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