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Carrie Vitt

Carrie Vitt

Carrie Vitt began cooking as soon as soon as she could peer over the countertops and by sixteen was working in the kitchens of her mother’s award-winning Dallas catering company, The Festive Kitchen.

When, as a young mother, Carrie found herself challenged by health problems that meant popping multiple medications each day, she decided to take matters into her own hands -- or rather, into her own kitchen. She switched her diet to whole, unprocessed, pure organic ingredients and noticed an improvement in a matter of days.

When her friends and family wanted to know how she did it, she began sharing recipes on her blog, and followed up in 2011 with a cookbook, Deliciously Organic. Husband, kid, and party friendly, Deliciously Organic is brimming with the recipes and flavors families love, all created using wholesome, unrefined, and organic ingredients.

Carrie lives with her husband, an Air Force test pilot, and their two daughters in Southern California.


Blog Posts by Carrie Vitt

  • Organic Whole Cane Sugar - A Better Way to Sweeten

    Organic Whole Cane Sugar – A Better Way to Sweeten

    “What kinds of sweeteners do you use?”   People ask me this food question more than any other.  In a world with so many choices, navigating our way through all the “healthy” sugars out there can cause confusion.

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  • First Meal to Slide

    First Meal to Slide

    I know that as the year gets going, a healthy breakfast can be one of the first meals to slide. We often reach for something quick and easy (and unhealthy). You can feed yourself and your family on a rushed morning with a few simple steps, and nothing has to come from a box.

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  • Organic on a Budget

    Organic on a Budget

    The one question I get most often is “How can I buy organic on a budget?”  Instead of giving a quick answer, I’ve started opening the pantry to show how.

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  • Beneficial Characteristics of Sea Salt

    Beneficial Characteristics of Sea Salt

    Have you given much thought to the kind of salt you use? Salt may seem like an insignificant topic, but if you want to take steps toward a less-processed diet, it’s something to think about.

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  • Healthy Lunch Ideas

    Healthy Lunch Ideas

    I like to keep things simple for lunch. I could give you ornate recipes but really, who has the time? My goal is to help you move away from boxed, processed foods and towards wholesome real food – so you know exactly what you’re feeding your family.

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