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Beth Bader

Beth Bader

Beth Bader, co-author of the book The Cleaner Plate Club, has been a photojournalist, writer, and shark wrangler. If you ask her whether it's harder to wrangle a shark or dress a toddler, the answer is the shark — but only because they bite harder. Raising a child is way harder than sharks otherwise.

In their book, The Cleaner Plate Club, Ali Benjamin and Beth help parents understand picky eating behaviors; where they originate, and how to deal with them creatively to get kids to eat better — without any sneaking, lying or fights. And without the judging or holier-than-thou advice that parents don’t want and don’t need.

The Cleaner Plate Club also includes information to help parents understand all the overwhelming headlines about industrial food, its safety hazards, and the harm it has done to our environment and most of all, our kids.

As much activist as cook, Beth is most of all a mom determined to make the world a better place for her child, one meal at a time. She is a food blogger at Expatriate's Kitchen.and contributes to and The Cleaner Plate Club Blog.


Blog Posts by Beth Bader

  • PeasBeMine

    Getting Kids to Eat More Heart Healthy Foods

    The last time I went through the lunch line at school on a parent visit, the vegetable-du-jour was French fries. The broccoli salad — which wasn’t bad — was left untouched by all but me at the end of the “harvest bar.” Unless we are packing our kids’ lunches, it’s a pretty safe bet that […]

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  • No Nag Nutrition

    No Nag Nutrition

    Nagging seems to be the unavoidable side effect of having kids. I’m sad to admit that there are days where I don’t want to be around myself, either. It’s no shock, our kids tunes us out when we nag, and not just because they want to avoid chores. But, when it comes to nutrition, we […]

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  • Why the Most Important Sports Star in Your Child’s Life Sits on the Bench

    Why the Most Important Sports Star in Your Child’s Life Sits on the Bench

    I was the slowest distance runner on my high school track team. In fact, the only way I could get a school record was when they finally made a running event so long, no one else on the team would compete. Sadly, I am faster in my forties than I was at age 15. I […]

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  • My heart beets for you

    Why Parents Need to Know About Heart Health

    With four family birthdays this month plus Valentine’s Day, we celebrate a lot in February! Even so, the most important event we celebrate in February is Heart Health Awareness. It’s not by choice. My husband’s father died at age 54 from heart disease. This might explain why my spouse, who just turned 55, runs religiously […]

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  • Laughter is the Best Dessert

    Laughter is the Best Dessert

    I don’t believe in using “sneaky” tactics to get my child to eat better. The closest I have ever come to this, however, was a bit of fun I would play with my daughter when she was a toddler.

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  • Take a Food Adventure

    Take a Food Adventure

    I’ve taken my daughter to the farmers market nearly every weekend since she was three months old. She graduated from her perch in the front carrier, smiling out at all she saw, to her favorite “ride” in a backpack while I shopped for our produce, hands-free. These days, she has her own market basket and […]

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  • A Feast for All Senses: Engaging All the Senses in Food Play

    A Feast for All Senses: Engaging All the Senses in Food Play

    Good food is a complete sensory experience. If your child is having trouble with getting past the barrier to taste at the table, maybe its time to engage all of his other senses long before the dinner bell.

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  • The Role of Play in a Child's Healthy Food Attitude

    The Role of Play in a Child’s Healthy Food Attitude

    These days toy kitchens range from pink 1940s retro to a state-of-the art outdoor play grill. While most of us parents are choosing play food settings with things in mind like durability and “just what do they mean by ‘some assembly required’?” We might be surprised to find out that this kind of food play […]

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  • Fun is the Secret Ingredient to Healthy Food Attitudes

    Fun is the Secret Ingredient to Healthy Food Attitudes

    Sometimes as parents we get so focused on what our children are eating (or not eating) that we miss out on a very important part of the experience: the how. Of course, table manners are important, and sometimes I wonder if those will ever come, but this “how” is more than proper use of a […]

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  • Six Top Reasons to Eat Healthy When Pregnant

    Six top reasons to eat healthy while you are pregnant: Part 2

    Sticking to a healthy diet can be a struggle for a lot of us. In my own experience, there are times when my diet gets off track — especially holidays. When I was pregnant, as an older mom, I had some issues with borderline gestational diabetes.

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