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B.C. Tozer

B.C. Tozer

A veteran educator and musician, B.C. Tozer is also the author of Scales for Band: Major and Minor. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is currently enrolled in the Masters of Education program at California University of Pennsylvania. Tozer is also a member of the National Association for Music Education, the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association, Co-Treasure of the Somerset County Band Association, and a member of the National Education Association.

His new book, The Four C's of Successful Teaching: Consistency, Contingency, Compassion and Courage, empowers readers to take control of their teaching situation, take ownership of their actions and align the results with success for themselves, for the community and their students.

He lives with his wife and two daughters in Southwestern, PA.


Blog Posts by B.C. Tozer

  • Communication and Conclusion

    Supportive Parents Supporting Schools Part 5 – Communication & Conclusion

    As I stated in the opening post, each school has four pillars that supports it -administration, students, parents, and teachers.  To ensure success each pillar must consistently support a school with compassion and courage as it does it’s best to teach child and work through contingencies. If that is done properly the pillars will be […]

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  • Courage to Fight Parent Pride

    Supportive Parents Supporting Schools Part 4 – Courage to Fight Parent Pride

    Parent Pride is sometimes irrational, uncompromising and, at times, just plan nasty. Parent Pride is the most difficult thing for a teacher to find a solution to in the field of education. What Is Parent Pride When I talk about Parent Pride I am talking about when a parent raises a concern with a teacher, […]

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  • School Field Trips - Contingency and Compassion

    Supportive Parents Supporting Schools Part 3 – School Field Trips: Contingency and Compassion

    It would be great it everything went according to plan, but unfortunately Murphy’s Law will come a long and make whatever can go wrong, completely fail. Just as it happens in life, so does it happen in education. When that happens parents are the key to a school having success. As your child progresses through […]

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  • Supportive Parents Supporting Schools Part 2 - Consistently Knowing What to Expect

    Supportive Parents Supporting Schools Part 2 – Consistently Knowing What to Expect

    Your child’s teachers are working every day to create a consistent environment so all of their students, including your child can succeed. But as school budgets get cut and class sizes get larger teachers are hard pressed to give as much individual attention to children as they would like.  Your child’s teacher needs a partner […]

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  • Pillars of Support

    Supportive Parents Supporting Schools Part 1 – Pillars of Support

    All schools have a support structure that keeps them running efficiently.  I call the support structure the Four Pillars of a School District.  Those pillars are – administration (principals, superintendents, and guidance counselors), students, students’ parents, and teachers. It is very easy to understand how administrators, teachers, and students are part of the support structure […]

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