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Annie has been blogging about the art and science of parenting on the PhD in Parenting Blog since May 2008.

She is a social, political and consumer advocate on issues of importance to parents, women and children.

She uses her blog as a platform to create awareness and to advocate for change, calling out the government, corporations, media and sometimes other bloggers for positions, policies and actions that threaten the rights and well-being of parents and their children.


Blog Posts by Annie

  • Nighttime Parenting

    Nighttime Parenting

    And no matter how hard it is, remember… Tip 6. This Too Shall Pass

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  • White Noise and Sleep

    White Noise and Sleep

    While some of the tips I’m suggesting require mom and dad to make sacrifices – Like Watching Baby’s Diet – I’m convinced that any effort you make to keep your baby and toddler healthy and happy pay off in the number of hours of sleep you will get. Here are two more tips.

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  • Foods that Promote Good Sleep

    Foods that Promote Good Sleep

    A calming Bedtime Routine and Lots of Fresh Air and Exercise are important for establishing gentle sleep patterns. Here’s another tip: Tip 3. Watch your Baby’s Diet

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  • Exercise and Child Sleep

    Exercise and Child Sleep

    Yesterday I introduced the concept of gentle methods for getting babies and toddlers to sleep without letting them cry it out. Over the next few days I’ll give additional tips.

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  • Baby and Toddler Sleep Tips

    Baby and Toddler Sleep Tips

    Many parents struggle with getting their toddlers to sleep. It not only impacts the toddler, but mom, dad, and other siblings. I do not consider my children’s sleep to be a problem. That doesn’t mean that they never wake up and it doesn’t mean that there are not tough nights here and there, but on […]

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  • Learning Begins At Birth

    Learning Begins At Birth

    If you have ever visited a parenting message board, you’ll be familiar with these questions:

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  • Abrupt


    Sometimes life catches us off guard. We feel like a deer in the headlights. Sometimes things change so quickly that we are left shocked and confused. Have you ever felt that way?

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  • Parenting With Your Partner

    Parenting With Your Partner

    My partner and I have been practicing our own brand of equally shared parenting since we became parents. We don’t feel like it is important to split everything down the middle. However, we do think that it is important for us to both contribute daily to the management of our household and raising our children. […]

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  • Setting Ourselves Up For Disappointment?

    Setting Ourselves Up For Disappointment?

    Last week I attended a conference on Motherhood, Activism, Advocacy and Agency in Toronto, Canada. One of the recurring themes was the image of the “good mother” and the consequences when regular mothers do not live up to that model.  Mothers end up being criticized by society for not living up to the mainstream ideal. […]

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  • Why Is It Always About The Mother?

    Why Is It Always About The Mother?

    Once upon a time Madison Avenue created the image of a perfect housewife.  She was white, pretty and well-groomed, a doting and loving stay-at-home mom, a good housekeeper and cook, and an obedient wife. Every woman should want to be just like her and, if advertising executives played their cards correctly, women would rush out […]

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