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Amy Au

Amy Au

A lifelong musician, Amy Au is an accomplished pianist, violinist and early childhood educator. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Eastman School of Music for piano and a Masters of Education from Columbia University.

A former teacher, music director and curriculum developer at the prestigious Mandell School in New York City, Amy now works part-time at the St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School in Little Rock, plays piano and violin for Fellowship Bible Church, and has her own piano and violin studio.

In the summers, she travels to Pennsylvania to coach at the Chamber Music Invitational, founded by her former violin teacher.

The Five Minibees is currently available for purchase via and in select bookstores throughout North America.


Blog Posts by Amy Au

  • Once upon a time

    Once upon a time…

    When I was about 3 or 4 years old, my older sister and I took bubble baths together. I remember us concocting a story where there were monsters in the water. We each had to take turns hanging off the soap bar holder so that the monsters wouldn’t attack our toes. Apparently, it was so […]

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  • My Imaginary Spoon

    My Imaginary Spoon

    I adore pumpkin pie. If I could have it my way, I would clean off an entire pie myself! Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I look forward to that first bite of creamy, pumpkin pie. But in the meantime, for the sake of my health (mostly my waistline!), I use the imaginary spoon and pretend to […]

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  • Eeeeeeeeee

    Drawing with your Voice

    “Take out your artist’s finger!” said the music teacher as she picked up a large piece of paper with unusual markings on it. “Here is our first picture today – let’s see what this drawing is going to sound like…” [The teacher holds up a piece of paper with 5 dots drawn randomly as the […]

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  • The Ultimate Silent Game

    The Ultimate Silent Game

    Remember playing the Silent Game with your parents so that they could have a few moments of silence? Perhaps you just played this game in the car with your kids?  Let me introduce to you another version of the Silent Game that offers more benefits other than a few moments of silence. The Silent Game […]

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  • Finding Your Inner Musician

    Finding Your Inner Musician

    “I don’t have a musical nerve in my body” “My kid sings all the time at home, but I’m tone deaf. I have no idea where she got that from?” “I use to take piano, I hated piano, and now I want my kid to play piano.” Does this sound familiar to you? Have you […]

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