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Alyssa Chirco

Alyssa Chirco

Alyssa Chirco is a freelance writer, parenting blogger, and perpetually exhausted mother of two from St. Louis, MO. A graduate of Washington University with a degree in English Literature and Film and Media Studies, Alyssa currently spends her days playing Barbies, diffusing sibling rivalry, and hoping the toilet will magically clean itself if she ignores it long enough. And, no, she does not believe she is wasting her education.

As a Contributing Writer at Parenting Squad, Alyssa writes primarily about topics related to parenting and family. She is never afraid to give her unsolicited opinion about the latest controversy in the parenting world, and is particularly passionate about sharing information that empowers women to make more informed decisions as mothers. Alyssa leans toward a naturally-minded, attachment-style of parenting herself, but also finds that she rarely fits the stereotype. In fact, she remains firmly convinced that she may be the only woman in the world who has both given birth at home and used disposable diapers.

You can also find Alyssa on Twitter @stlouismartmama, where she tweets daily about writing, motherhood, and her unconditional love of margaritas.


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