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Allison James

Allison James

Alison James (7X7 Mommy) is a soon-to-be Mommy who is devoted to maintaining a healthy, active, positive lifestyle.

She and her husband Travis cannot wait to meet their daughter who is due on January 27th, 2011.

She is a blogger for HealthTap, an online health experience helping pregnant women and new moms make the best health-related decisions for themselves and their families.

HealthTap believes that the power to improve the health of all future generations lies in mothers making healthy choices and fostering healthy habits in their children.


Blog Posts by Allison James

  • Pregnancy and Weight Gain

    Pregnancy and Weight Gain

    I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but be amazed by how much my body is going through right now in order to support and nurture a growing fetus. I know we’re all aware of this already, but women are pretty darn unbelievable (which I manage to remind my husband of quite regularly […]

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