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Adrianna Logalbo

Adrianna Logalbo

Adrianna Logalbo is the Campaign Director for 1,000 Days, an initiative that promotes targeted action and investment to improve nutrition for mothers and children in the critical 1,000 day window between a woman’s pregnancy and her child’s 2nd birthday when better nutrition can have a life-changing impact on a child’s future and help break the cycle of poverty.

Adrianna is spearheading 1,000 Days’ efforts to build a community that is empowered to take actions to nourish themselves, their families, their communities and the world. Adrianna brings nearly a decade of experience in cultivating communities “outside the beltway” on some of the world’s most pressing global challenges, from malaria to malnutrition.

For more from Adrianna and 1,000 Days:
Twitter: @ALogalbo and @ThousandDays
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