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Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen, founder of, is a NYC based daddy blogger. While enjoying the company of his wife and toddler son, he manages to be the Director of Web Services at New York Law School and a social media entrepreneur.

Adam has extensive technology and communications experience with non-profit organizations, as well as a New Media Design and Imaging degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.

His ability to leverage the Internet to create synergies among his blog visitors comes from his passion for fatherhood, social media and sharing.

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Blog Posts by Adam Cohen

  • My Mother-in-Law is Simply the Best Free Babysitter

    My Mother-in-Law is Simply the Best Free Babysitter (JOKING)

    For most people the terms mother-in-law sends a shiver up their spin. The other half of the family… sometimes the ones you really don’t see eye to eye with… sometimes the ones who say I told you so… For me this isn’t the truth, my mother-in-law is outstanding (ok mom don’t feel bad your mother’s […]

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  • Bathy Bath time!

    Bathy Bath time!

    One of the best times of the day for me is bath time, but it’s not my bath time it’s my child Marc’s bath time.  It’s a true bonding time for us.  Marc wasn’t always in love with the Bath, he was actually kind of hating it. My wife and I worked at it for […]

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  • Rock-a-bye Baby - Sweet Dreams and Goodnight

    Rock-a-bye Baby – Sweet Dreams and Goodnight

    I don’t want anyone to think I’m an expert on this topic at all… so consider yourself warned. When Marc was first home from the hospital, I didn’t think too much of the first night or two. I was used to not getting much sleep but this getting up every three hours wasn’t fun. 

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  • Keeping the Romance alive! Date Night is a MUST

    Keeping the Romance alive! Date Night is a MUST

    Being a guy doesn’t mean I don’t have a romantic bone in my body. It just means pulling teeth to show it off.  Even with Valentine’s day coming once a year I think it’s important that we remember that Date Night isn’t just once a year.  Last week, my Sister baby sat (which is a […]

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  • Family Under the Weather

    Dealing with the Family that’s Under the Weather

    One thing no one can avoid is to be under the weather and we all know it sucks to be sick, it sucks for your wife/partner to be under the weather, it sucks even more to have your kid(s) be under the weather, and the worst is when more than one member of the family is […]

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